Offf 2014 report diary

80% of the material was shot on canon 50d raw and a few scenes on h264 with the same camera. Rest of the scenes on iphone 4s and gopro 3 black. It was an experiment, on how I could mix different formats and how a raw hacked dslr behaves when I am recording interviews. Raw workflow and working with proxies were also questions. I recorded two cam situations with a gopro mounted on top of the dslr. I got help with a few interviews besides the conference from my travelmate Scag.

original songs by:

1. Chippy – Hyperventilation
2. Grapes – Slow role
3. Grapes – Renuhh
4. Pitx – The dark side of tranquility
5. Greg Davies – Flurries

used lenses: canon 28-135 is & nikon 35 f1.8 dx.