Nike The Chance competition

This idea could work with real actors and real shooting as well, therefore this animation could act as an animatic. The animation builds up from 2 different camera angles, except in the intro & outro. One is the close-up subjective of the main actor’s shadow, the other is the compact photos of everyday situations. We do not reveal exactly who made the photos, however we left some clues to the audience. In the family dinner frame, with the five members of the family, two figures don’t sit at the table. The soccer player and his supportive father. The encouraging words (Go!Go!Go!) at the friends meeting place were told by the director’s father. In the classroom scene the teacher is the soccer referee. Both roles enforces to comply with the rules of the game.

Animation By: Gyöngyi Vörös & István Illés
Concept: István Illés
Drawings: Gyöngyi Vörös
Paint & Color: István Illés
Sound design: István Illés

Thx for support of NIKE

2012 | Budapest, Hungary