Tomorrow Awards 2011

“The Tomorrow Awards is the first international award show dedicated to discovering, showcasing and awarding advertising creativity that pushes new technological boundaries. Since the very best examples of such work are those that defy standard award show categories, the Tomorrow Awards is category-neutral; all entries are judged together, and only the very best ideas shine brightest.

Beyond the trophies and accolades bestowed upon the winners, the Tomorrow Awards seeks to educate the industry about new technologies and the creative possibilities that come with them. To accomplish this, the entire industry is involved in the Awards’ judging process as Public Judges, creating the shortlist for the final rounds of judging. By choosing which entries move on, not only is the advertising community awarding its peers, it is also actively learning about new directions to take the creative process.

The industry is filled with so many exciting opportunities. The Tomorrow Awards will help us shine a light on them together.”